How to measure your dog

Measurement Diagram

How to measure your best friend for a perfect fit

EQDOG has spent years on the design of our products offering comfort for your best friend during play and work. It is essential that the measurement is done correctly in order to achieve comfort and to get the full benefits from our designs and functionality. Please make sure you spend time on this stage as the result will be highly important to your dog. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.



Measuring for the EQDOG harness or life vest

Round chest

  • a)  Place your hand on the centre of their chest bone. With some dogs this might protrude. 

  • b)  With a measuring tape, measure from the center of chest bone to the shoulder bone at the base of the neck. 

  • c)  The measurement result x 2 will be your round chest measurement. 


Measuring for EQDOG Shoes

Paw width

  • a) Place a piece of paper on the floor.
  • b) Place one front -paw on the paper.
  • c) With a pencil make a line each side of the paw.
  • d) Do the same with one of the hind Paw.

  • e) Remove the paper and measure between the lines.

This will be the size required.

  • f) If the measurement falls between sizes please choose the larger size.